Born in Cleveland Ohio in 1949 of a Greek immigrant dad and and a first generation Greek mom.

Dad was a restaurateur, owner of a couple greasy spoon restaurants. He was a real hard worker like most immigrants.    Mom was forced to help in the second restaurant.

I was third of four children. The family was ruled by typical Greek culture.

Dad and mom were not home much. That left me to figure out what life’s rules were on my own. Don’t get me wrong about their love for us. They did the best they could and cared about us but by the bar of ancestry training and low income influence.

The result was pretty much a train wreck of self domestication.

At 41 my life came to a screeching halt. As the song goes, I fought the law and the law won. I shamefully hurt a lot of people around me.

At that point I had a choice of being a nice person or continuing on the dark road. I I chose the good road and began to unravel The reason I was who I’d been and  the person God created or the collective conscious one brought into the world.

Now at 68 years old  and after 25 years of human behavior study, I decided to tell my story through my new belief system.

I can only hope i will touch one sole to get that person on track to enjoy the  life life we were created to have.

Kyriakos John  aka KJ

ps. I would like to thank my new friend MHW for being instrumental in me telling my story