Hello, my name is john and I am in discovery.

Discovery of all the feelings and emotions and gifts that were buried inside me as a result of human domestication. Domestication either by my parents, acquaintances or unexpected or expected forces of the universe and my decisions.  I believe I have moved beyond the "Some Day I'm gonnas, If onlys, I can't because, or its impossible. Whether it is spiritual or quantum, we all have the right to be free of the fear we allow to take control of us. All great plains take desire, drive, passion and the willingness to gamble some.

If you fall you have not failed for this my friends is where we learn.

I know and I have brought to life nearly all my dreams and wishes.

processed butterfly

Take time to take in the gift of life around you


My direct experiences with life: Me

Miguel Ruiz Jr

  • Four Agreements
  • The Mastery of Self
  • The Mastery of Love

Eckart Tolle:

  • Power of Now

Deepak Chopra

  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Wayne Dyer

David Hawkins

  • Power Versus Force

Marc Lewis

  • The Biology of Desire

Shalu Sharma

  • Buddhism Made Easy

Spencer Johnson MD

  • Who Moved My Cheese

Steve Harvey

  • Jump

Other  studies:

Carl Jung: The conscious, subconscious and collective conscious mind.

Neuro biology: Neurons and how our mind and body talks to itself

12 Steps of Alcoholism

The Holy Bible