Forgive the construction mess.

Like my life, this site is evolving




My name is John, and I am in discovery


For many years I hid behind a mask of pretense and false facade.

My ego held me hostage for money and self validation.

Some call it blinded by the fog. Others call it a Day-Dream.


While all the time I suffered from insecurity and fear. Fear of not being smart enough to measure up to my peers. At a young age I turned to fast escapes, which only made it worse. Someone told me he no longer escaped to the quick fix because bad things happened when he did. I attest.


We can say by, Cliche', the big bank struck at 40.


Today people see me with a different kind of smile and energy. They seem to recognize its not a camera smile. Rather it is an enriched smile with energy. It comes from the sole of self.


You've heard the saying, "You don't know what you don't know". That's where I searched. That's where I discovered it.


Join me for a while and I'll confess my journey. maybe you too will find the love in the bee's eye and kindness in the spider's sole. All without fear of being bitten.